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Easy Pigeon breast tikka

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    Tried this the other day and it was delicious, so thought I would share it!

    I used some of the last of my frozen pigeon breasts, fully defrosted overnight.

    I cut the breasts into long strips and threaded them onto bamboo skewers used a sort of "sewing" action to thread them on securely.  Then made a marinade from fat free yogurt mixed with a good table spoonful of curry paste. The one I had in the larder was "Veeraswamy Hot Madras Paste" think the Mrs bought it from Waitrose.  We like  our curries hot so added a bit more paste until the marinade had a good kick, then added the juice of a lemon and chopped coriander. Simply dumped all of the skewered pigeon breast into a shallow dish spooned over all the marinade and covered with cling film, left it over night in the fridge.

    Next day I just cooked them on the BBQ for about 5 mins until they were browned and served with some more of the sauce (freshly made so you dont mix uncooked ingredients with cooked) and garnished with more fresh coriander.  Went down lovely with some indian bread and an ice cold bottle of cobra!

    Super easy and absolutely delicious, and the family loved them only problem know is the lack of pigeons round here to make some more!

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