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Well it was blood boiling yesterday after work but I needed to walk the dog and fancied a pigeon for the pot. The only field of stubble was right at the bottom of the farm so I had sweaty old hike in with all the gear.


My shooting was dire with the pigeons coming in full steam with a strong breeze behind them. You can tell by the dog things were bad. As a rule after every shot his bouncing about wanting to storm out the hide. I would like to say so he can delicately fetch them back nice and tidy but really he just wants to smash them to bits and spread all over the field. But his good company




anyway after a few shots were fired ;) I ended up with 3 in the bag.

Back home then and got them marinading in garlic and soy in the fridge.


quickly fried tonight for 2 minutes with roasted new spuds in the halogen and fresh cabbage, beets and broad beans all from the plot



my daughter loved it.



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looks fantastic really simple flavours and great that you got them all from your plot. We’re really struggling here in my part of bucks at the moment hardly any pigeons on my perm. Went out yesterday for a couple of hours and only bagged a couple of crows (albeit i missed a few woodies). 

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Sounds like my dog, she tends to snuffle most of the feathers off before deciding to bring the bird to me with what must be an unpleasant mouthful of feathers that I have to help remove.

I did pigeon breast tonight, wrapped in bacon and fried in butter and rapeseed oil, with fresh rosemary, buttered kale, dauphinoise potatoes, carrots roasted in orange juice and a homemade sweet onion chutney. Juvenile birds,so cooked rare. Blinding 😁 Everyone enjoyed.

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