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    25 minutes ago, yickdaz said:

    I thought about doing that marsh man but it's the room in the kitchen for another freezer  and room in the veichle taking that many in at once 


    I fully understand your situation , far better to do one or two more trips than upset a happy household ,I hope the situation improve before to long in your neck of the woods .
































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    I had two guys on one of my permissions dump 70+ under a hedge last year. Don't think they really should have been on the land (game keepers consent without farmers). Helped them out by giving them the prime spot, they guy professed to be some sort of expert. I shot 100+ on my own and breasted out the lot on my own and vac packed em, not one went to waste.

    If the ***** lands back on this year he's gonna get told to do one. If you shoot it and it's edible make sure it gets used out of respect for the animal. Don't give the 'antis' a chance to slate us, if they can find away to stop us, they will.

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