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cant speed up magnet

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hi everyone ive dusted off the magnet i bought a few years back at the fair to use it at the weekend..

ive hooked it up to the battery but cant get it to speed up.. ive adjusted the little screw that pushes a ball bearing up against the motor shaft but its made no difference.. i even stripped and cleaned it incase the shaft coming from the motor to spin the birds was seized but it hasnt helped..

its doing about 28/32 rpm heres a video of it

ive also changed batteries to no availl

now it was a cheap magnet so maybe thats the fault

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29 minutes ago, deny essex said:

Could be dry tight gummed up bearings it will usually gets slower with a little time and the motor will get hot. does it make any noises? 

cheers is that the bearing in at the back of it with a shaft sitting in it.. i never thought to check it i will do tomorrow cheers


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Its not as slow as mine, the motor runs flat out and the arms just drift back and forth in the wind, sadly stripped the gearbox last week , although when it was running well it did around 50 RPM which worked really well for bringing in the curious, the old one I have now runs much slower and is definitely not as good a draw. but it works and as my old mum used to say 'beggars can't be choosers' ?

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