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This week has been a bit busy in regards to pigeons, I shared a big bag with Motty on Wednesday, and a bag of 75 on Thursday afternoon. I had to work today and said to me old mate take my brother and I will have a go on a small rape field near my house. I had checked it out but felt that 50 was probably the best I could hope for,but worth an afternoon .when I got to the field at 1 o'clock a few birds were already down with a nice flight line. I set up with a rotary to my left with the wind coming over my left shoulder with 8 shell decoys. I positioned the hide on a bend of a dyke hoping to hide myself a bit from the pigeons coming from the right hand side of the hide. The pigeons we're not very happy with this set up and I decided to add another rotary to see if this helped,but it soon became apparent the hide was the problem. So I dropped the hide down,and made a ledge in the dyke side .This paid dividends straight away with birds committing nicely, but in the strong wind it was tricky to be consistent, at 5 o'clock I used the last cartridge that I had in the hide (175) with 115 on the clicker ,I picked 109 I didn't take the dogs today as I'm not a fan of dogs and fresh rape fields. Sometimes it just works out well.



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Another bag from the top drawer  , a three figure solo bag in an afternoon is very good going and well deserved .

Today was a complete contrast from yesterday , we had a little rain during the night and a heavy shower this morning with a freshening wind blowing , I went to look at one of my old stamping grounds to see if the bales were still on , which they were and there were a few pigeons on the wires but hardly any on the field , time I done my bits and pieces during the morning and got through the holiday traffic it was just gone two o clock when I pulled up to the stubble field and it didn't look to exciting , a few were about and time I went anywhere else the time would have been getting on a bit , I had shot this farm for a number of years and knew within a little the best place to go with the strong S / Westerly wind , I didn't set up on a bale as the contractors pulled up on the next field to cart the straw and these boys get a move on with three trailers and taking 20 large square bales at a time , as it turned out they done more good than harm in keeping the pigeons on the move and I was getting about 10 an hour , time I packed up at 5.45 I picked up 36 , which was more than I expected, and for the first time in three weeks I didn't finish all my liquid refreshments due to being back to the normal conditions .    

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1 hour ago, Big Mat said:

Good going Jules.

I spent my afternoon eating hot smoked beef top side and hot smoked pork, I think I enjoyed it more than shooting ?

I tell yer what , you boys live well north of the county , unlike us poor ole bugxxs down south who have to contend with chips on the market while being attacked by the Seagulls ? .

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