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YouTube channel ‘GUNVIDDER’?

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I’ve just spent an hour of my insomnia cleaning up my YouTube subscriptions, when I came accross a channel that I’ve not seen for ages- it was strangely enjoyable - ‘GUNVIDDER’ - does any one know what happened to him? He’s not posted for 7 years....

he did some extremely detailed reviews, general shooting stuff ....

heres a flavour ;


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5 minutes ago, Graham M said:

I used to own one of those old Belgian guns...................rattled like a rattly thing.


Me too. Happy days when I was about 11 scouring the hedgerows for the odd bunny, or waiting for a pigeon to land in a nearby tree. No flying shots then. Each Eley Fourten cartridge bought from paper round wages had to earn it's keep and supplement the family food budget.


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1 hour ago, bruno22rf said:

With respect - anyone intending to do videos on guns should know the basics - that's an extractor not an ejector and as for having been told that the gun is Belgian, why ask - the proof marks are clearly Liege.  

Agreed Mr. Bruno22rf. I formed the impression he knew very little of what he was talking about. It seemed as if he had never before seen a Belgian folding fourten, but was making an informative film about it. Not only did he not know Belgian proof marks, he was also not aware they were for black powder only.

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