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Hi all,

i went for my annual batch of Elderflower fizz a few weeks back. All seemed to go well, until I opened a bottle!

Three weeks after bottling, I went for the pop and was greeted by a what sounded like a weak rear-end wind expulsion (you can't say the F-word apparently!)  On tasting there was a little fizz, lots of sweetness and a distinct lack of booze ?!

i have used this recipe before with great success, and have always relied on natural yeast from flowers. It all looked/smelled right prior to bottling and there was nice bubbling. I may we'll add yeast in future after this issue.

Question is, is this just poor fermentation? Is there anything I can do to correct it at this stage?

Worst case, I go 50:50 with prosecco with it, which I'm sure would be lovely, as the brew does taste very nice!



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Bit of a late answer chezney, but it does sound like insufficient fermentation.  When relying on natural yeasts you do have a major variable in terms of time/efficiency of fermentation. The yeast eats the sugar and produces alcohol and CO2 so very little fizz, sweetness and lack of booze taste indicates the yeast hadn't finished conveying the sugar.  Maybe next time let it ferment out until you have no bubbles and then prime the bottles with a little sugar to get the carbonation in the bottle???

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