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Motty phoned me on Friday and told me of a old rape field that looked very promising,he even said I think A ton is on the cards.I had a job to do first thing in the morning so I didn't arrive until after 11 to find he had set up with a lot of plastic decoys out and a rotary to the left of the hide  which was situated on the edge of a reedy dyke.he had 8 on The clicker . The pigeons came in little flurries with some long waits in between. The promise of a ton looked a long way of an 50 looking the more likely. The birds were not decoying for the most ,so we had all types of shot in the book with both of us shooting very well. We decided to remove the hide and make a ledge in the dyke to try and give the birds more confidence. This ploy worked well and we then decided to share and pairs that came in,  I took left and Motty took right this helped us up the score as now we were making the most of any chances. I remarked to Motty how well I was shooting,only for the wheels to come of in the last half hour,that'll teach me to brag. The clicker had 112 on it and we picked up 105 plus a crow and a feral with a few lost in some standing wheat.So promise kept Motty, a great afternoon thanks for the invite.



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Yes, an average day turned into a pretty good one.

You forgot to mention the other two who were shooting on the next field over. They didn't have much of an effect on our shooting, but they could have done.


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A good result all round , its now getting harder to get any concentration working on any particular field now every field have been cut , no trouble getting just into double figures and then it comes to a standstill .

Still , as you two prove , its still possible getting a good bag by having the pigeons and knowing what your doing , and you two certainly know what your doing when it comes to shooting pigeons :good: 

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