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George harrison

Pheasants release pen tips

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15356146251562047063752.jpg.1c6757a81f6936e01162835c2cf68c85.jpg20180830_082800.jpg.3de80fe4ebb6f7e8a08286ea001ab076.jpgHi I am just after some advise as I have some woodland I am thinking of letting some pheasants off, I was wondering where you thought would be the best place to build a pen for home, if thats what you would do. The field is a 52 acre field with 5 levels the top level is wood land for a mile, the second is grass all along the bottom of the wood land, the 3rd is wood land with a big gap in the middle, then there is a small bit of wood land on the 4th, and then the rest of the field is grass, in a ideal world I would build my pen in the bottom so the pheasants fly from the top to the bottom but at the bottom of the grass field there is a really big wood what joins it and worried the pheasants will all go straight in to there. I will attach some photos if you can make them out. Thanks in advance 




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That’s a big ask, pheasants always go where you don’t want them, you can make your ground more appealing to them, but without being on the ground it’s a little difficult to say what the potential of the wood/land is.

How big are the woods?

What’s the bottom like?

Do the woods hold any wild birds?

Does anyone shoot the surrounding land?

Are there any stubble fields (not yours) surrounding your woods?

Would you be allowed to dog-in on surrounding land?

Does anyone feed/shoot the big bottom wood? (not owned by you)

Would you be allowed to drive/shoot this bottom wood?

Are there any public foot paths over your ground/woods?

Do you intend putting cover crops in?

Are looking to have driven shooting?

How many birds are you putting down?

Do you or anyone else do any vermin control?

Do you know any local keepers?

Depending on what it is you wish to achieve shooting wise then all/some/more questions will come up, there are plenty of people on here with smallish shoots and I am sure they will come and give their advice and experiences, if you can take a screen grab off Google Earth of your woods/land and mark the boundaries I am sure someone will offer their advice.

It looks a nice piece of ground, love the cardboard box diagram.

Good luck :good: 

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Personally I'd place a pen as central to the shoot ( have you worked out your drives yet? ) as possible, then concentrate on making that as nice a place as possible for pheasants to live. Plenty of shelter ( nothing likes wind ) and places to roost, with open glades for the sun to reach where birds can sun themselves, and plenty of feeders and drinkers. They'll still wander, but they always do. 

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Our shoot is the size of the cardboard box diagram! Keep pen central out of North and East wind if possible. Avoid building pen on steep slope - they'll fly out on the low side. Scully is right about habitat. Then dog in,dog in, dog in...

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