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My dad has a left handed Beretta 686, about 25 years old.

Would a new(er) 686 stock still fit? Or do they require some "fitting"

He wants to convert it to right handed for his grandson.

Any ideas where I might get a used one/set? Might need a little taking off the stock..





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There's a very good chance of any 687/687 stock fitting your action. I used to have a 1991 687 and a 2006 686E and I could switch stocks between them quite happily. Also I bought a S/H 687 silver pigeon 3 stock which I then used on the 686 for about 2 years. There was one significant difference though in that the earlier stocks which I think are pre 2000 or thereabouts had curved butt plates whereas later ones up to the present have flat butt plates.

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Just now, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Try the WANTED Section!:rolleyes:

I have an ad in the wanted section, but as this thread was started by someone who was swapping left to right, it seemed sensible to pass comment here too.

Feel free to flame me 🔥


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