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The Silent Killer Of Dogs

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I lost my buddy yesterday to a condition I didn’t know anything about. My old lab was 12 and a half years old, we were joined at the hip. Sunday morning he was his usual bouncy self, wolfed his breakfast down and haring round the garden with his toy pheasant. Sunday evening he was reluctant to get off his bed and did not want his biscuits. He didn’t look distressed or in pain so I thought I would see what he was like in the morning. Monday morning came and he was no better so straight to the vet. He had a splenic tumour that had ruptured and he was bleeding internally. The vet advised that given his age a splenectomy would maybe buy a month, two at the most. I could not put him through that, so reluctantly I had to let him go. He was put to sleep in my arms.

Apparently this is a big killer of labs, goldies and flatcoats. I had never heard of it. There are no symptoms until it is critical. If I had known it would have been straight to the emergency vet on Sunday evening, but my vet said this would have made little difference in this particular case. 

So if you have an older lab, take care, any sudden change to lethargy then get them checked out pronto. You might save yourself the devastation that I feel at the moment.

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