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Midland game fair

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    13 hours ago, cookoff013 said:

    i went. 
    i believe it will probably be the last time i go.
    for 20 notes, not worth it.

    I tend to agree!


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    On ‎16‎/‎09‎/‎2018 at 18:24, panoma1 said:

    In my opinion at one time it was the best gamefair on the circuit, I stopped going because of inappropriate "attractions" diminishing content, entry cost and prices.......I haven't been for about six years now! 

    ++1 this was a game fayre to look forward to and have attended religiously for about 20yrs  + with wife and kids  last time I was there was about 10yrs ago   with cash to spend came away with burgers and chips     as it became a car boot no local Birmingham gun trade etc etc and thieving types everywhere no longer a game / country fayre 



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