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Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD)

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My dogs were running round the yard earlier when I heard this almighty yelp. Cocker wasn’t walking right and holding up front leg. 

Straight to vets and some x rays later the above has been diagnosed . Currently effecting the spine in the neck area. Dog is now home and confided to the run for a week before a check up. Pain killers and anti inflammatory med prescribed.

Been told potentially dog can never be allowed to run or jump again and the slip lead is out to.

Anyone any experience of dealing with this? 

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In case any member find this I. The future....

followed vets advice of a week confined to the dog alone. Prescribed a pain killer and anti inflammatory given once a day with food.

follow up appointment today and dog has no pain or restrictions if movement. 

A week of moderate excersise now and get recons dog will be back to normal. It may re occur in future but preventive supplementing such as cod liver oil and yu move may reduce the likelihood 

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