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Mag tube stabiliser

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    I have often seen at PSG matches that the magazine tube extension clamps for Semi's and pumps seem to bend the tube away from the barrel. This could IMO, over time, possibly weaken or fracture the original tube, which could be catastrophic. Below is my first prototype 'Stabiliser' as opposed to 'Clamp' for my 1187

    The mag tube half is steel (a bit over the top really) with a slot machined internally for an O ring (I keep all my old ones) and the top half is aluminium, with countersunk M3's screwed into the steel and with washers in between to set the spacing correctly. As this is just a try out I used M4 screws as set screws to fix at bottom, I will get grub screws later.

    It slides on easily, the O ring gripping the tube, it definitely stabilises the tube to the barrel and both are parallel. It does not look as elegant as I had hoped, but perhaps using some different materials I can improve that.

    With apologies for the rough looking low profile Hi Vis sight on pic 4 (another work in progress)


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    Had an hour or two today so made a lighter, aluminium tube version with nylon modified terry clip above, Possibly the answer is somewhere in the middle, although this one also stabilises well and is locked by an M5 grub screw for anti rotation


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