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Tong Hao (Chrysanthemum Greens)

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If you’ve got an oriental market or know of a stall holder/greengrocer with lots of Asian customers, you might well come across “tong hao” which is an edible kind of daisy, grown for its leaves.

The taste is VERY herbaceous, but it makes a delicious side dish once you get a taste for it.

The stems keep their crunch, and it’s not easily overcooked.

Any preparation (steamed/boiled/sautéed/stir-fried) benefits from a splash of soy sauce, a bit of garlic and a pinch of five-spice.

It’s particularly delicious if boiled briskly for a few minutes, squeezed dry and then chopped finely and added to an omelette, tortilla or scrambled eggs.

Anyway, hopefully I’ve inspired you to try something new. :good:


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strange sounding stuff...............i would imagine there is a lot of stuff out there...........ready to be tried by the adventurous.............

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