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They can quite often have this and / or a white flash on their chest. Rumour has it it’s from throwbacks to outcrosses to produce the colour.

Personally I would probably bypass a pup like that but like horses a good dog is never a bad colour!

Perce may be along shortly, he’s far more up on Labs than I!

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I would be inclined to believe these markings go back to the St. John's water dog, which was more often than not marked with white on the chest and feet. Both my dark yellow lab bitches  have white patches on the chest ( mother and daughter) and the pup has white tips on the toes of two paws, hence her name- tiptoe. White has been more easily hidden in yellow lines as it is not noticed so easy in a light yellow dog, but stands out on a black or dark yellow, these pups were probably culled in past times but now obviously sell for more as they are 'rare'. 

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Must admit i wouldn't be paying extra for it, seemingly if u look up the KC regs for showing they are allowed white patches on chest/paws as everyone else has said.

Not seent that many but u do here of it. I'd guess MM would be right those dogs would probably have been PTS as pups in the past.

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