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Jammed door lock


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1 hour ago, rovercoupe said:

If you can get a thin grinder disc and cut the lock bolt thats about the only option for a jammed lock, a 115mm disc will normally just do it, a 125mm is better.

+1, done it this way several times when doing locksmith work, do it yourself as a locksmith will do the same and charge £££.

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If you can get at the hinges, just lift out the pins, lift out the door (best with 2 people, just for the weight)


You can normally "ease" the door aside enough with a couple of jemmies/crowbars to have the bolt move free of the box (the part of the lock the bolt sits in) you will do this with more care than a locksmith.



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22 hours ago, fracture7 said:

Need advice on this. aluminium side door to a house Chubb 3K70 mortice lock which is locked and will not move, is there any way I can deal with it before I pay for a locksmith. 

I assume it's not just corroded, in which case a good soaking in wd40 and left for a bit, if the door has moved due to temperature which has caused the lock to be put under tension, then jemmying the  door in the right direction as you unlock might help, if the lock has malfunctioned then the disk cutter is your friend.

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