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squirrel shooter

Hypoallergenic Gundog Food

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    Skinners are doing a grain free which is very good. Chicken and sweet potato.

    New pup couldn't get on with normal diet, so we tried him on it and we were so pleased with it all our dogs are on it now. They all have lovely glossy coats on it. Around £35 a bag.

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    Slightly off topic but, following months of loose stools, we have tried just about every Dog food on the market and have now settled on making our own. We buy any meat on offer (except pork) and fry it in a little water with Bovril to add flavour - we aim for around 60/40 meat to veg ratio an use frozen sweet potatoes and mixed veg (without sweetcorn which seems to go straight thru or Onions) and bag into 650g portions then freeze. With a scoop of biscuits we can feed one dog for less than £1/day and his stools are just as they should be.

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