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Stolen - please share

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19 hours ago, pudbas1 said:


Returned?! Incorrect, dog has not been returned. It is our directors daughters dog, she is still missing and shes heart broken. 

Old'un, dog was tied to back of lorry right by our stand and next minute disappeared. Someone was out the back constantly bar a few minutes when this happened. She either slipped her lead, ran off then got grabbed/stolen or someone grabbed her from the back of the lorry and stole her. Either way its no longer classed as 'missing' as no sightings since she went missing, no  leads at all, so now presumed stolen. 

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On 02/10/2018 at 15:28, PERCE said:

The flyer looks very similar to one that was for a dog stolen in Doncaster at the weekend, this dog has been found. Good luck finding this one.

Ari was stolen from Doncaster, she has been found. This is Amo stolen from Midland Game fair, she has not been found.

Thanks all

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35 minutes ago, Walker570 said:

Ditchy you know and I know they are just every misunderstood members of society, I'm surprised we don't have a Minister for them, we have one for suicides now.

In view of your very understanding view on these people I have arranged for 20 of their caravans to spend some time with you on your estate!:whistling:


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A story.   One of our old time village coppers was cycling through his patch one day ...this is a true story, promise ... there was a large triangular area of grass near the edge of the village and the Lady of the Manor pulled up and harangues him about the gypsy caravans on the green. Now this same group came and stayed there for two or three weeks every year and because they had been spoken to had never caused this old style village copper a problem. However the Lady said she would be raising the issue with his Divisional Superintendent as he was not doing anyhting about this 'problem'.   Next morning our very experienced long time village copper rode out and made a visit to the gypsy camp, pointing out a pair of stone gate posts about 100yrds away and told them they would be made very welcome to go into those gates and on into The Park where they would cause the local villagers less annoyance.  Yes, you guessed it, this was the home of her Ladyship.   The proverbial hit the fan but the gypsies never let on they had been told to go in there.  What's the modern term these days  ..KARMA...or something like that.


Apologies Ditchy for jumping in on your interesting thread but Dave egged me on...honest.

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Did you attend the Midland Game Fair?

Somebody has come forward saying they saw Amo being put into a BLACK pick up truck with a covered back between 4:45-5:30pm on Saturday 15th September at the Midland Game Fair.

The truck has been seen around Telford area previously!

The truck had ‘Dog Unit’ written wonky on the side/back in white. It had a dog crate in the back. They exited the fair out the Blymhill exit, past the farm shop and over the bridge.

The driver was quite tanned, dark hair, thick eyebrows and had stubble.


Please can everybody to check their photos again from the show, and if they recognise any description above please come forward!

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On 12/10/2018 at 13:52, bruno22rf said:

Whilst I fully understand that it might be considered a bit controversial  I think I would put up a considerable reward if my lad was stolen - best of luck finding him, the owner must be distraught.

It was £1000 at first but they have now offered a 'substantial reward' and I know they'd give any amount to get her back, so think we're now talking £2000+ 

Many thanks


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