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Modern life.


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On 06/10/2018 at 00:39, chrisjpainter said:

People who use of instead of have: 'I could HAVE done...'

People who say 'like' every other word

'Very unique'

Reality TV

BBC filling up the news front page with tripe like 'Insta-famous at 16 years old' 'I drunk-booked tickets to Brazil' and 'The first drag queen with a solo show at Wembley' 

People who call Redbush tea

People who trade scientific fact for cheap rhetoric

People still moaning about leaving the EU


Adverts for betting every single time there's a sports fixture on.

People going into meltdown over false black widow spiders

Strictly come X voice factor dancing

Cryptic Crossword setters who stretch the meanings of words way too much

Boaters who seem so adept at inadvertently trying to kill kayakers.

'Quite unique'

People who don't say thank you when you let them through on the roads

Cyclists cycling in the road right next to a perfectly good cycle path

I'll be back, once I've had a lie down...

I think we could be best friends. I did stare in disbelief at the BBC news website the other day 🙈

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Replacing words with letters.

Sales techniques.

Must haves, all the latest gadgets, latest phone, newest model car.

Activists and protesters who don't understand country life.

Anyone who had a hand in getting race circuits closed due to noise, when the track was there long before they moved into their "country idl" Then complain about street racers.

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The arrogance of the "keep Fit" brigade, particularly runners and cyclists, who think because they are "being healthy" think that they should have absolute priority on roads, tracks, paths, and fields and preferential treatment elsewhere.   It would be interesting to find out how much A&E and clinic time is taken up with their "sports injuries" .  

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36 minutes ago, getthegat said:

Just thought of another I don't understand; young girlies driving aggressively in Fiat 500s or Mini's

You never drove aggressively when young? I have to admit that I just might have, but only on very rare occasions. 😉



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39 minutes ago, getthegat said:

Just thought of another I don't understand; young girlies driving aggressively in Fiat 500s or Mini's

I'm a biker.  When I filter to the front in traffic the only people that take exception are usually young dolly birds in minis and Fiat 500's.  You know the type;  did **** at school, work in a beauty salon and have an iphone sewn to their hand.

How they think they're going to beat me off the line when I can do 0-60 in 3 seconds and they're looking at 0-60 in about 9 seconds beggars belief.  Oh, their car has white dials and a sport badge so it must be quick.  Read the highway code regarding bikers filtering, you *****.

Also, people who type 'f' 'o' 'o' 'k'.  We know you mean ****. It sounds just like ****, so just say ****. (I bet the swear filter will render this a bit pointless but I'm referring to other social media platforms where there is no swear filter it's applicable.)



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People that speed up and keep going into a gap whilst you are passing a row of parked cars, just because they think it is their right of way. Not thinking you have nowhere to go and then cuss as they think you have caused the jam. (no manners in driving now) And to stir up a can of worms, cyclists who think they own the road, don't obey signs or the highway code and glare at you as you pass them giving them plenty of room. God I'm getting old and turning into a grumpy old man.

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Lady annoyed mate and i this morning . (10.30 .) Shouting out of her back door (300 yds away ) " why do i have to put up with this again " 

It was calm this morning but we were shooting away from her house with the hushpowers .protecting a newly sown field .if she had shut her windows she wouldnt have heard us ..also i havent (see no one has ) shot this field since feb this year . So hardly a common occurance .


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****** in lycra riding bikes on the pavement, bikes of any sort on the pavement, mobility scooters on the pavement going to fast, anti-social behaviour, spitting, dog c... on the pavement, noisy neighbours, Politicians...all parties, screaming out of control kid's, same old faces on the box, same old faces in the paper, purchase tax, trying to book in to see the doctor, Chris Packham, Jean- Claude- Junker, Eamonn Holmes, Alan Titchmarsh, Monty Don, Diane Abbot, Jeremy Corbyn, There's many dislikes, but I don't want to comes across has a bit of a moaner!!.

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On 06/10/2018 at 09:25, KFC said:

Same for me

Also, when my wife and I are having a meal in an establishment and a hip young thing insists on coming up to us, when we're half-way through our meal, and asking "Is everything ok for you guys?"

If there's anything wrong with the meal then we will let you know. In the meantime leave us to enjoy our meal and for my wife to enjoy my company!!!!

Forgot about that one, Mrs SBL can't stand it and will confront anyone who addresses her as guy. Every time someone says this she's on them like a JR with a rat. One guy just would not leave it and called her guy one time too many. The look of shock on his face when her backhander missed him by half an inch was priceless. 

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Forgot one sorry, dont know if this happens much your way but its very annoying and dangerous this way.  Drivers behind you and quite well back flashing headlights at the car in front of me on the other side of the road to let them know they can turn right ...and many are doing it they turn right into your path so you have to slam the brakes on.... prob wearing flip flops I bet.


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Some have been mentioned but my own contribution would include

- disrespectful, self-absorbed and self-entitled people. This would include kids who have a tantrum because they don't have the latest mobile, designer coat, etc. have no intention of making any contribution to life to, God forbid, earn the said item and despite their parents not having unlimited funds and already forked out for the former "latest" item

- parents who allow the above to happen and simply encourage more tantrums by constantly giving in and then wondering "why did my lovely child turn into a sponging brat?"

- over-use of the word "legend" 

- the upwards inflection at the end of sentences that makes every statement sound like a question

- paying for car parking at extortionate rates

- over-use of the word "guys". This appears to be at epidemic levels in some circles now and when somewhat bored at a recent event, I started counting the number of times it was used. 18 times in the space of around 5 minutes and including twice in the same sentence. Yes, I know I should get a life!

- the unabated greed that some treat all inclusive holidays where you see mounds of food piled onto plates only to be left for another plate to be filled

- jeans that are worn half-way down one's '***** with their designer grundies on show

- phrases such as "reaching out" when "could you give him a bell and ask for a hand" will suffice and not make the matter sound so dramatic

- the TV show "Friends" on constant repeat when I personally didn't find it funny the first time round

- women that think glugging prosecco as the new fad makes them "posh" and alluring. No, it makes you loud and unappealing. The same can of course be said for some blokes smashing "craft ales" down their neck

- blokes well into their more mature years wearing skinny jeans, overly tight shirts with bulging bellies, overly gelled hair (if not scooped into a comb-over) to try and look like their teenage son. How old mate?

- my lovely wife when she tells me to stop moaning :whistling:

Chapter 2 will follow....

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On ‎06‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 06:44, JohnfromUK said:

Use of the word 'So" to begin almost every sentence.  It is a conjunction, correctly used to join two sentences into one longer sentences.  A correct example would be "It was a hot day, so I had not worn a coat".

Occasional use such as "So how was your journey" is fair, but interviewees opening every answer with 'so' just sounds very poor.

That really, really winds me up, too. That, and the constant overuse of the words 'literally' and 'basically'.

Oh, and another one; saying 'obviously', when something was not at all obvious.

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this is a little thing but irritates the hell out of me.........

its the way the words are spoken.............instead of saying "well"..........its mangled into "waael"........it seems that more and more words are being mangled from the front part of the tongue to the back part and the sides of the tongue............its not from over the pond stuff..its home grown affectations........


just to "edit".............................its usually uttered from the fairer sex

Edited by ditchman
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Most of the above.


Driving standards- here in London it’s atrocious.

2nd referendum- I was a remainer, but would definitely vote leave purely to uphold the original vote.

female eyebrows- what the hell is going on there? They look weird!!

victims having less rights than the perpetrators- why?

prison sentences- life should mean life.

british airways- they scammed me out of £198, and are now ignoring my emails. (Ok it’s a personal one but it “kin” annoys me)

vegetarians- if we stopped eating meat, where would we put all the animals we’ve stopped killing? And how would we feed them?

Respect- it’s not a given, you have to earn it, you don’t get it just for being a woman/ethnic minority/pleb/or young.

the above is in no particular order they are just some of the things that annoy me at the moment, I’m sure the list will get bigger as I get older and grumpier.



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The MOBO Awards (music of black origin) , but no MOWO ( music of white origin) awards ?

The BMI (Body mass index)! One size fits all . Well, no it doesn't ! We are all mongrels like interbred dogs , I'm a retriever , and putting me on a  diet won't make me into a greyhound .

I'm a different breed, but the same species!

Kids  doing wheelies on push bikes on the pavement , or anywhere near my car.

Kids who drop their bikes on the floor right in the shop doorway.

People who park in the middle of a lay bye , or in a space where you could get three cars parked .

Holiday adverts where the wife is an absolute stunner !

Jeremy Vine. ( smarmy ***)

Steve Wright in the afternoon , or anytime come to think of it.

Country File , OMG ,  They are so afraid of telling the public the truth !

Forgot one ; Powered by Fairy Dust,  on the rear window of 'pre menstrual' assassins  Fiat 500's.




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Forgot one!
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