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Any CO2 lovers?

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    Any CO2 lovers on this forum? There must be lots of Crosman Ratchatchers around, and QB78s. 

    I've recently discovered the world of CO2 rifles. Previously I had always dismissed them. Didn't like the idea of having to buy capsules, and I thought they were more like toys. 

    Well, they are the most fun to shoot guns in my collection. I've now got a Crosman 180, 160 and 400. And an SMK QB78 which has been nicely tuned by the previous owner. 

    I've never hunted with CO2 yet. It gives me a lot of joy to shoot shaken up cheap beer cars at 60 yards with the opens. They explode nicely.



    Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 21.35.11.png

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    got a couple of QB78s after a tune and polish both running at 11ft/bs and very accurate with  RWS superdome pellets in .22.

    tried loads of pellets but the RWS seem to group the best.

    cheap little finger index  mag upgrades for these little rifles are ok as well.

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    I tried the RWS but couldn't get them to group. Crossman accuples for me. Shows how important it is to try different ammo even in the same brand and model of gun.

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