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Lab Breeder Recommendations North east

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Good evening everyone


As the title suggests, I am looking for recommendations for good Lab breeders in the `north east England area, however I will travel for a good breeder.

I have shot for 6 to 7 years now, mainly pheasant, duck and the odd pigeon day. I do a very small amount of walk up days, minimal really. 

I have not had a gun dog, I did have a beagle who I unfortunately lost early part of the day due to ill health, and it is only now I feel I  would like another. but this time I do want a shooting companion 

I have selected a lab due to my main shooting types, never trained / owned a gun dog before, also having two young children, I believe a lab is going to be best bet for me. The ones that come along to my shoots all seem steady, good workers and all good character. That Is not taking anything away from the other breeds out there.


I am planning to start looking now, giving myself time to meet breeders, do my home work and also get the house / garden ready.


along with breeder recommendations, any hints tips, best time to get a pup and any other considerations would be great


thanks in advance

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As a first time trainer I would go for a breeder of good working dogs not just one of the top triallers. Many of the top field trial bred dogs can be very fast and hot to handle for a novice. That is not to say you don’t want to see it in the breeding line just not the immediate parents. If you are prepared to travel to SW Scotland I can recommend some breeders here.

as to general advice, take your time and let the pup be a pup for six to eight months at least. Don’t judge progress against other dogs they all progress at different rates. Enjoy your dog and expect two steps forward and one back, they can reduce you to tears.

read gundog sense and sensibility by Wilson stephens

anything else pm me

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Dave - thank you for the advice. I have a couple recommendations slightly closer to home but if they fall though I would be willing to travel for a good dog. 


Hod - unfortunately I lost mine at 7 years old. A right character and a well missed part of the family.


Hanmeron - they have been recommended to me. I’ll also contact them. 


Again thanks for the advice. 


What is the situation with the hip and eye scoring, it is an area I need to look into (no pun intended). Can anyone explain a little more, 

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Dog or bitch has been debated forever I really don't think it makes any difference as you will only get out what you put in. Whatever dog you end up having take your time with training and never be afraid of asking or finding help. Training a dog can give you a lot of pleasure if you can get it right and a nightmare if you don't. 

Good luck and show us the pictures of the pup. 

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Hip score is to evidence hip dysplasia which is an abnormality in the hips. The lower the score the better. You ideally want to look at the Sire and Bitch scores as well because it is hereditary. Eye screening should be clear and again look at the parents.

Don’t buy a puppy unless the sire and bitch can be seen at the same time. Good breeders will only breed from very healthy dogs and expect you to ask about the parent and want to see them.



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No firm plans as yet but we're probably going to have a litter in the early part of next year. All our dogs are health tested eyes, elbow, hips & dna. They also all work, I've regular picking on 2 grouse moors ( 4 days a week if there's grouse) & also pick on 3 pheasant estates. I only run soft dogs that'll hunt. As yet no decision as to what dog we'll be using. 


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8 minutes ago, Dazza9t9 said:

Thank you all for the help and advice 

Perce some cracking looking labs there. Where about are you?

Near Scotch Corner.

The pale yellow bitch is mother to 3 of the yellow ones, a dog & 2 bitches, the darkest yellow has the same Father as these 3. The black bitch has a similar pedigree to the pale bitch, I've bred her to my dog & I have a 4 month old pup from the litter

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Well thank you everyone for your help and advice. 

After visiting a number of breeders and doing a fair bit of reading. I have put a deposit down on a lovely little black female. 

They are from Salrowbra, so thanks Hanmeron for your recommendation. 

All being well i will be collecting Bear (her name) 17th November. 

Seen both of her parents and one of her grandparents, lovely looking dogs. 

Extremely happy and cannot wait now. 


Thanks again all

Here is a pic...  not the best 


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Fantastic Dazz, you won’t be disappointed 


when you go to pick her up, say hello to Jez and Julie from Kev and Sarah and our dogs Lola and Jess

would be interested in who the parents and grandparents are ...Lola’s parents were Rio and Lucy

All the best

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Hammereron, I most certainly will pass on your regards. We are going back on Sunday to take the kids. 

Bears parents are Tara (I think it was I have it wrote down in my book) and the father was Red. I was very taken my Red he was a beautiful dog, very handsome and great natured. Grandparent was Jade, we met her too. 

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