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Home smoked bacon

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    I've been collecting bits and pieces for my home made smoker.

    The container itself is an old stainless steel bin about 3 feet high and a foot across. Maybe slightly larger but I've not measured it. 

    The wood smoker was from the net. China I think. Cost a tenner and resembles a very well built bird feeder without the top. A third of the price of uk offerings. 

    I used a simple card board roof. I'll make a nice wooden one at some point. Maybe....

    Drilled holes at the bottom, middle and top for some skewers I'd got hold off. The meat sits on meat hooks atop the skewers. 

    Bought a cure off the net. It was good. I'll try my own next time. 

    Gave it 5 hours cold smoking today. Wow. What great bacon. No spitting or popping. Zero fat came out. Tasted great. Actual time I sent curing it and smoking and having to  actually do was maybe 60 mins. The rest the cure/smoker did in its own time earlier this week. 

    Well worth having a go.  

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    Nice one Ginger cat - you can't beat home made bacon.  If you need any help when it comes to making your own cure up, sing out as its really straight forward. the main thing is make sure you buy cure#1 (also called Prague powder #1) for meat you are going to cook rather than cure #2 which is for dried meats.

    If you vac pack or wrap the bacon joint in cling film for a day before slicing it really helps to get the smoke into the meat.

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