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Sign of things to come?

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    "Hopefully", is the answer.

    For those of you who have seen other posts about my young Pointador Sophie, and her escapades with pigeon retrieving, you'll know she has found it difficult to keep excitement levels down and consequently tends to "snuffle" lots of feathers off the birds before bringing it to me. Last week I found that holding her on a "wait" command for a few minutes started to make a difference. Yesterday whilst walking back after finding little or nothing to shoot, a stupid juvenile woodie flew right over head whilst we were stood in the open. I hit him but somehow did not drop him and he flew on over two big hedges, past some trees, out of site, probably 100 yards away. I was certain he was down, a lung shot possibly, so with only a rough idea of where it could be, we crossed the road into the opposite field, around the farm buildings and down the hedge alongside the road. We'd gone around 80 yards, I was expecting/hoping to find it dead in the grass, when Soph disappeared into the hedge and immediately came out with a stone dead pigeon and delivered it to my hand. Not a feather was out of place or in her mouth. It was perfection. I was so proud of her. It was so much easier to give her some well deserved treats without a mouthful of feathers. Happy bunnies both😀

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    I would be very disappointed if my dog didn't retrieve any nearby birds it smelled in the vicinity.

    Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of your feather problem.

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