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Galvanised dog kennel - summer heat!

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sorry I meant a galv dog run. looked at a 8x6. the front would be galv mesh and the back and sides of the run would be solid metal sheet. (solid to keep the wind out) I would then have an insulated dog box box inside. 

Just thinking would the solid sides attract the heat and make the temperatures on the inside of the run hot. 

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Metal in direct sunlight will obviously generate heat, a mate of mine has about six of the dog runs you talk about and he has no problems with them, mind you they are in partial shade from the midday sun, they are much better than wood and easy to keep clean.

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It is the set up which I need for my 2 labs. I've currently got a wooden 6x4 shed with a 6x5 run attatched to it. The shed has a pop hole to axcess run and the run is wooden frame with galv mesh and solid roof. It's on it's last legs now and needs replacing. Got a budget of about a grand that. KM engineering can do me the run I require and insulated box for about that. 


I'm just worrying about the Sunlight with it being metal, like you said with it all being galv it's easy to keep clean 

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