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In the crop

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Just to challenge myself, I decided to changed to a tighter choke in my Franchi Raptor 20 bore.

Picking a position at the edge of a small wood, up a hill on a windy late afternoon, I awaited the roosting woodies.

I'd had a couple "off" days which had knocked my confidence with the fairly new gun, but instead of reverting back to old faithful 12 bore, or taking more guaranteed hits,  I went for longer targets which in the gusty winds made them faster as well. 

I stopped over thinking it and went for the Jedi method of feeling the force and being more instinctive.

I only had 4 shots but dropped 3 of them cleanly. It taught me the range of the gun ( more than I had thought)and what lead was required. I was taking them at about 50 yards with 4 feet or more lead.

A bit of confidence was returned and on plucking the birds,( all oldies not juveniles), ready to eat, all 3 had bulging crops full of red hawe berries with the odd bit of greenery and a few old wheat grains.

There are a lot of loaded hawe bushes this year, which makes finding a suitable position to shoot, quite difficult, but hopefully this bit of food info may help some of you find a few shots as autumn kicks in.

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