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The migration has started...

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    ...As it usually does in late October along a valley near home.From my shed yesterday I saw line after line of pigeon flocks heading west to east along a pretty broad front; It was a pleasure to watch after having seen very few birds about over the last four months let alone a quantity worth chasing. There were flocks of Redwings & Fieldfares heading in the same direction & there's plenty of food for them this year with a bumper crop of cider apples,holly berries & hawthorn fruit turning some mature hegerows red.

      So this morning I had a drive around & spoke to a couple of local farmers (one of which I nearly ran head on into with a trailer load of muck from his sheds..we both  stopped just  in time)! I took the opportunity to climb up & have a quick natter.He had just finished drilling 36 acres on Sunday.In a hurry as usual hoping the weather would not break. I got permission just in case. Three miles up the road & through 2 locked gates I was able to see the four fields. They were surrounded by whirling pigeons.Some landing but very twitchy & up again in seconds, but there were so many in the air it had to be done.

      A quick turn around to pick up Dave & all our shooting gear & we were  walking out to our two chosen positions by 11am.We both started with plastics as we had no fresh or frozen birds with our setups at oppsite ends of the patch. We both experienced the same reaction with massive flocks of birds swirling high over our patterns but not really comitting with the exception of some very young birds.Nevertheless the sport was terrific with almost continuous ,high bunches  doing the circuit. I was quite high up & looking down the next valley where I could see waves of 2-300 pigeons,again heading west to east.Enough came our way but there were very few L&R's today.

      A sight to behold & one for the memory banks; We ended up with 88 picked & two very knackered old men by the time we had packed up & done the double haul back to the truck. Happy days.

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    Great effort well done. Pleased to hear birds are heading east, we already have a few migratory birds and would welcome more.

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    Sounds like great fun! But where in the country are you? West to East? Where have they come from and where are they going?

    Send some to Essex please!

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