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Duck/Geese Chilli Sausages

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Hi All,

I was previously asked about the recipe I use for geese or duck sausages so, I thought i would share it with you all in case you want to try it.

I know its food but as it is waterfowl I thought I would post here however, if any op thinks it should be moved please do so.

4.5lb Duck 

1.4lb Pork Back Fat

1lb Rusk - 2lb Water

2 Table spoons salt

1 Table spoon of Black pepper 

3 Table spoons Sage

20 Juniper Berries

2 Table Spoons Of Demerara 

2 Large hot chillies (add to taste)

2 Red onions

8 Cloves of garlic 

2 Table spoons of fennel

1/2 Cup Malt Beer

Stage 1 - Mince the meat and the fat then mix together by hand in a bowl 

Stage 2 - Put onions chillies etc through the mincer 

Stage 3 - Add all ingredients (Except malt Beer)  to the mix and knead by hand to get an even mix

Stage 4 - Put it back through the mincer with a smaller chopping plate

Stage 5 - Add Malt Beer and knead until you have a binary mix sticking to your hand and looking like sausage meat.

Stage 6 - Fill your skins and tie 

stage 7 - leave out to rest for an hour 

Stage 8 - Place in fridge to dry for 24 hours

Stage 9 - Eat or place in freezer etc 

I believe they will last in the fridge for a week and around a year in the freezer.. 




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On 08/11/2018 at 22:08, WelshAndy said:

Hi Terry thanks for sharing. 


Where do you buy your skins?





Hi Andy,

I order mine from Longs Packaging, But may places will supply and deliver online etc i just have standard Hog Skins.

All the best 


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