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And for afters sir, how about a flock of pigeons (500+)

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    Took the wife out to a local restaurant today for a slap up lunch, food was great but didn't have room for pudding, the lady wanted a fag so we adjourned to the smokers hut in the restaurant gardens, now I don't smoke so while she added another nail to her coffin lid I was wandering around around among the bushes as you do !!,

    A movement overhead caused me to look up as around 500 pigeons passed directly over me at around 100 feet up, perfect targets, but I could only watch as they moved away across the neighbouring field.

    What is really getting my goat is that in the last 5 outings when I have actually had a gun in hand I would say I have only seen a couple of dozen birds in the air , resulting in some of the quietest days shooting I can remember for many years, 

    Ah well at least we had a very pleasant lunch!!!😪:yahoo:

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    2-300 pigeon (on rape i think) two fields away from one of my permissions on Sunday last.Managed to get one on my way back to the car.

     It was mid afternoon and a good bird but nothing at all in its crop.

    First decent flock of pigeons I have seen in 12 months.

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