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    The syndicate I’m a member of has a long strip  of mixed, mature hard and softwoods that currently borders a huge expanse of rape. Large numbers of pigeons had been building up over the past week and were using the hardwoods as sitty trees before feeding on the rape. The wind was right on Saturday so I took the opportunity to christen my new Maxus. (Purchased as I my Silver Pigeon was starting to knock me about with recoil on a decent day) The sport was top notch, with big packs of birds flighting the length of the tall trees. I shot moderately with the Maxus but killed enough high birds to make me keen to persevere with it - I particularly like the slim fore end and it points very nicely.  Stan worked hard as ever and picked 32


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    I have a maxis for wildfowling vrow and pigeon shooting with. Never comes up and fits the same as a Beretta or Benelli but close enough I can still shoot ok with it. I think it's the narrow and small stock compared to others. The SX3 is the same.

    Looks like you had a great time and the new gun will start to feel better the more you use it.

    A friend is going to try a stick on comb raiser on his maxis to see if he can get it to mount to his cheek rather than along his jaw.


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    7 hours ago, Fishing Richie said:

    I did a similar thing to Figgy's mate above.

    Using electrical tape I stuck on a combe raiser off fleabay and added some shims to lengthen the LOP.

    Fits much better now.

    Thanks for the pointers gents. I think the gun fits me just fine - the poor shooting was lack of skill on my behalf! I'll stick with it though as the recoil was hardly noticeable and the gun points very nicely. 

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