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Project Binky

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    I know from reading the Landy restoration threads and other motoring threads here that many of you appreciate the mechanical side of things - especially the "built not bought" mentality.

    The two guys that are building Project Binky  which is an Austin Mini GT-Four hybrid (Turbo Charged and 4WD) are definitely mad but have some serious fabrication skills, they are currently up to episode 20 of the v-log and I've really enjoyed watching them get to where they are up to now and I thought you chaps might appreciate what they are doing 

    Episode 1 here and their Youtube Channel is here



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    I like the way they present the episodes and your right they have some skills.

    Looking forward to the finished Car if they ever get there lol




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    Been watching this for ages but the episodes can be a long time between them. The brains of the outfit is very good. One of the best if not better than I've seen on any program on tv

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