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Excited on shoot days

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    On 26/11/2018 at 21:34, Mochastorm said:

    What you’ve described when he’s in company with others is a nightmare dog.  The other guns, if they haven’t said it already, must be very annoyed.  However you say you can stop the dog on the whistle.  If you can stop him then that’s what you need to do.  Just mean business with him, and don’t tolerate anything other than perfection.  He doesn’t move unless you tell him.  Leave him at home for the remainder of the season and enjoy your shooting because at present the dog is being rewarded for bad behaviour. He has a day on the shoot and does as he pleases.  Work on his steadiness, the summer months are ideal for training with longer daylight. Consider gundog lessons where you can group train, this may be invaluable in your case.  When you have him steady take him back to the shoot and leave the gun at home, concentrate on him to get him close to what you and others think is acceptable. When you have reached this stage start shooting over him again.  If he behaves you can relax and enjoy your shooting in the knowledge that your four legged mate isn’t going to spoil the day.  Best of luck.


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