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BASC young shots

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    Just got in and on sofa after a day if shooting with BASC and a cracking group of young shots, mydelf and a mate put this on every season for a group on novice young shots. This year didnt dissapoint. Starting off at 0930 with a four man flush on clays so they can break the ice and get there eyes in. After that we headed to the main area of the shoot and started the pheasant drives, unfortunately we had been battered by storms over night so it was soaked out, we bought in all hedges and to start with the birds were hiding. All guns had some great birds over them and alot of shooting, some cracking birds dropped, the weather held out and by 1pm it was time for lunch. The afternoon was time to walk the shoot, feed the ponds and go through the benifits of all the work that goes on behind the scenes from pest control to new hedge rows being planted, tree plantations etc. We finished the day on a duck flight that even though the weather was against us, we had over 30 ducks flighting in. A great day had by all and its great to work with basc to put this day on for the kids. 

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    7 hours ago, oowee said:

    Well done mate a great contribution to the sport. 👍


    Did you introduce them to LR repairs? 

    Certainly did get the lr out and a few of them had a sit in the back to get around. 

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