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Northants Trip

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    Thursday saw me heading 220 miles South to Northampton in search of fallow and muntjac. Luckily the worst of the storm had died out but it was till windy on Thursday afternoon so we opted for a tower which was sheltered in a wood .


    The only deer that showed was a fallow doe at 120 metres which dropped to the shot :)


    The following morning the weather was great but unfortunately not a single deer was seen :unhappy:

    So it was the final stalk of the trip that afternoon. I really wanted a muntjac and luckily 1 presented itself after being in the tower a couple of hours , a nice doe ...


    Then it was back home up the M1 , Happy days :)


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    Well done mate👍glad the trip was productive. Hope you got to keep some venison. Just waiting for light to come to find some myself lol

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    It would cause too much jealousy and attract too much attention Foxboy.. You`ll understand when you eventually grow up lol..

    But anyway come clean to uncle V I mean uncle Christian?  Did that Muntys diaphragm and Rumen manage to stay intact :shoot:

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