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Doc Holliday

Problems with Neighbours (again)

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    On 06/12/2018 at 20:44, silver pigeon69 said:

    Is it classed as littering, if you leave food in a public place? If so that will be the next visit!

    Yes, it's littering. No different from dumping your McD and KFC on the village green. The foxes would eventually eat it, but no-one wants to see it.

    I quite enjoy watching foxes going about their business. Many times I've sat watching Mr Reynard on his way home from a night foraging. It's the stuff the countryside is made of.

    But there is a time and place.


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    Technically speaking I think in suburban areas the act of feeding animals meats, fish etc by placing it in a public place could be construed as discarding of bio hazardous waste? I am surprised the authorities don’t already use this clause to fine people feeding seagulls or pigeons in coastal areas or city centres. It exacerbates the problem. 

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