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Moorhen - pest control

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    1 minute ago, ditchman said:

    i will tell you a story when i see you next about a coot shoot i was on with Billy Bell at Fritton Decoy............now that is a good yarn and larf..

    I'd better get round yours soon then Ditch. Do you do overnight accomodation?   

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    The local marshesand ponds waterways etc have far too many plaguing the water.

    Noticed a population increase over the last four or five years.

    By your post you have a very nice permission.

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    24 minutes ago, Whitebridges said:

    I'm not quite old enough to remember the Norfolk Coot shoots are you MM?

    Here is an old memoir. Please click on the linky thing below:


    Lovely clear photos Whitebridges and THANKS for sharing.

    No sadly I aint quite old enough but I wish I was pushing one of those punts across the Broad , I wonder if the punts man was on a little earner ? , and at the time if some of the punts came from Breydon Water as I am not sure if they had that many punts in the local area.

    In one of my books I remember it saying that the bag was shared out amongst the villages and the Coots were driven backwards and forwards to the guns who were waiting both ends of Hickling Broad .

    As a footnote , in the 1920s they shot a bag of 1100+ , these were eagerly accepted by the locals around that area , I wonder how easy , or hard it would be in giving that many away today in the feather , very , very hard I would imagine . 



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