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Game pie recipe

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Anyone have a tasty (not too difficult) game pie recipe please?

Looking for the cold pork pie type and not the hot steak & kidney type.



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I have to say I have a repitation for making game pies of the kind you desire, with hot raised pastry.  Firstly see if you can get an old copy of Mrs Beetons because in there you will find the perfect mix for your pastry.  Very simple to make.   I use a spring form tin and grease the bottom and sides with lard.  Mix enough pastry to raise up the sides and bottom and also make the top, I use a straight sided whisky glass when raising the sides to help thin this out because you do not want it too thick.   The filling is really your choice, I use any game that I have available and always see if there are any damaged birds at the end of the day as they are perfect to grind up.  I use a 50/50 mix of belly pork and game meat...I have also added ome dried apricots which went downvery well at 'elevensies'

Use a coarse grinder on your machine and as you put the meat through sprinkle with your choice of pepper/salt etc etc., I have some superb Cajun mix which I get from America.

If your over there or have friends who can send it just enquire in a food store for some Tony C's Cajun Mix. I also grind up a couple of cloves of garlic, again to taste. I sometimes will use smoked bacon instead of belly pork and that is also very good. 

Grind up sufficient to fill the raised case to within about 3/4 inch of the top, then roll out the remaing pastry large enough and a bit to fit on the top.  Egg wash the raised edge before putting on the top and then press down all round prior to trimming. I then go round with a fork and press the edge again to make sure it is sealed. I paint the top with beaten egg and usually decorate it with some motif, pheasant, duck, deer which I cut out of any left over pastry.

NOTE   it is important to work fast once the pastry is made because once it goes cold it will crumble, so keep it in a large bowl which is warmed.  I cooke for the first 45 mins on 220 to cook the pastry and once it starts to go brown I cover with silver foil nd educe the heat to 180.  After another 3/4 hr I check by putting in a meat thermometer and when it reaches beef well done or 190 it is done.  I then let it sit and rest and cool before running a thin knife around between the case and the spring form before undoing the spring form and releasing the pie.

If it reaches 190/beef well done and the pastry doesn't look brown enough, then remove the foil and put it in the oven at 220 for about ten mins and that will dry and brown the top and sides.

A slice cold with a smear of red currant jelly takes some beating along with a glass of Prosecco laced with sloe gin.

Hope this helps.

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