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Just an idea

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Saw this basic idea on you tube the other night and always looking for different ways to present/cook backstrap thought I would come up with something as we have a couple of friends in for supper tonight.

Ingredients.    backstraps from a young muntie buck releaved of silver skins and rubbish bits, then butterflied...that is split almost through from the side and opened up.

                          a double pack of Wild Boar, Cranberry and chestnut pate

                          nice smoked streaky bacon

                          a drop of cooking oil poured/brushed over 

Butterfly the backstraps then cut the pate blocks into four and place in the centre and press downand spread with your fingers.  It helps if you lay the backstraps on the bacon strips first, easier to roll up.

I then use the long kitchen knife blade and slide this under the edges of the bacon, carefully lift up and roll everything over as per the picture.   Brush over with some oil and bake on a flat tray.

Now at this stage I have no idea how this will turn out ....would think it will take about 45 mins to cook.

Watch this space for updates...............................


yalllllllll hungary or what ????????????????


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