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Barrel blowups

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Glad your boy is ok and a good lesson he has learned.

No it's not just fiber wads get stuck, plastic does  just the same. Damp powder, bad primer or powder or short charge weight of powder are the usual culprits.

Fiber wads allow damp to pass through to the powder more easily than plastic wads so more seen with fiber than plastic.

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i`ve had a shell that didnt go off and burn when i eventually opened the gun. unburned powder everywhere.

on my reloads i tend to stick to maximum payloads for the powder. i do try and avoid lightening up shot charges and having heavyer and heavyer powder charges (or not).

neither scenario can negate wet powder or poorly stored cartridges.

luckily enough i`ve not had any issues. when i started developing subsonics, the real risk is having inneficient burn with light loads. now i tend to just use maximum payloads at very reasonable pressures and mediocre speeds. 

incidently i checked my barrels once after a wander, only to find a twig in my barrel.havent a clue how it got there.

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