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Shooting related New Year's Resolutions?

Salop Matt

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2 hours ago, salop sniper said:

Has anyone got any or plan to make any ?

I have decided to go fibre only on all my cartridges. I've placed an order for some fibre wad clay loads and will finish off my plastic wads and that will be the end of plastic wads for me. 



Me too. And I'm going to recycle the plastic cases

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Shooting related, it will be to get out decoying much more. Keeper from our syndicate is going to let me know when they’re about on his shoot, and his brother is going to let us know when they’re about on his, plus we still have the regular places and I may get some new places to shoot locally too. 

Also am hopefully getting another dog; quite possibly two, but we’ll see.

And to shoot a lot more clays; really enjoying my clay shooting again; it’s so much more fun now I have a regular shooting partner. 

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40 minutes ago, panoma1 said:

Try to keep going shooting!.....be it selectively now!......And not give in to the advancing years and declining mobility!....

About sums it up for me to, I am afraid. The stand and shoot is OK, but its the next drive walking that does my legs & lungs in.

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I'd love to do more shooting this year, but I said that last year and ended up doing more or less the same as previous years. Pigeon wise, I tend to get out doing as much as I can in February, roost and decoying, then as the roost shooting dies down, I do less and less and by may, the guns are put away until November.

Had my first go out on the foreshore last month, and this has awakened my hunger for more wildfowling, so I might see about a membership. Our guide was excellent, worth it for his breakfast alone!

Step up the training of my dog, prepare her for more work next season.

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seasonal game kill it cook it eat it and do it all again many times waste nothing harvest all natural game also include a little vegetarian diet   marsh samphire     hedge and briar  berries etc for gin infusions then fly fishing and dog training through the summer for next season     long may it last to do it all again  happy new year 

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