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Walking stick / staff Nottingham area


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Hi lads so as above other than the dreaded bay and it probably being snapped by a heavy handed posty 

is there any body on here that’s lives local to Bingham , Nottingham or surrounding areas who makes shooting / walking sticks or staffs (whatever you Would class them as )

was going togive it ago mysel but the wood needs to be seasoned for a year or so and I’m impatient . 🤔👍😃

Ideally looking for something smart with antler or some sort of nice ornate head

I’m a tall lad at 6ft 3 so definatly need something on the longer side.

failing this does any body have some seasoned  hazel or black thorn or the usual suspects as I wouldn’t mind attempting to put a head/ handle on myself 

thanks in advance 


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7 hours ago, denis watson said:

 Hi. squirrel if you are still looking I have 2 new ones

 antler tops  £10 each oxton southwell notts

ring me on 07854 190853


Hello I'd be interested in one please if possible? 


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