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Perkin knives

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    On 10/01/2019 at 18:17, figgy said:

    Winnie and bezza checkout the knives that a member was making. He made a display case of them to go in a shop. To me they look more useable than the Emberleaf offerings.

    I bought the little Stickleback knife and it's a joy to carry and use.

    Yeah I remember that now. Who was it again?

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    9 hours ago, Fatcatsplat said:

    They're 1A Electric Parade in Seven Kings - Street view on Google would appear to show an absence of 1A - There's a 1 that's a Chartered Accountant and then a black door to the left that's got a brass B and C on it but no A.

    If you pay via your credit card and it doesn't come, can you claim the money back from the credit card company?


    That street  / area is well known as being an area where there is a high propensity for people and businesses to be less than straightforwards in their dealings. I am putting that as politely as I can.

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