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Vauxhall Corsa Flat Battery, Locked Out of Car

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On 12/01/2019 at 19:05, GingerCat said:

Sometimes you need to turn the key, pull the handle, turn the key again for the dead locks to open. 

Sometimes your screwed though and a new windscreen (cheapest) is in order. 

This was the answer (part A 😝).

It’s a 60 plate 1.2 manual - whatever version that is. It’s 4 door but there’s only one mechanical lock on the car being the drivers door.

I put the recovery charger on it and it’s all fine now - not entirely sure why it got flattened as a pancake but it’s probably boot light or latent drain (alarm / stereo etc) with lack of use.

I try and show as little interest in the car as possible to encourage my eldest to get involved and solve his own problems. But it’s a weird generation - at 17 driving was probably the most important thing to me (well that and girls) but he and seemingly most in his school year show little passion for driving. Those that can drive still walk everywhere or get Ubers.

Maybe with black boxes all the fun has gone and cars coming with decent stereos and reliable / sealed engines means there’s little for them to get properly engaged in.

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