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Yes It's not bad, I do a lot to help my mate out with doing the bales, looking after his kids when short and odd bits, and he helps me out with doing some mucking about on his land :lol: 

Only downfall is that his Mrs does livery and we can't fire loud guns up there as it can spook the horses. 

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Just a bit of work in my mates pen y’day ... stayed in the open bit kept Ted on a long lead and walked him on loose on heal whilst the chickens all ran around us feeding ... Ted stayed well on heel... we did some walking right up to the bird saying leave them and he ignored them ok. we did about 10-15 mins then left the pen and went and just let him in a secure garden where he had some play with the other dogs. 

We then went in the big paddock with my mate and his dog... threw a retriever out, then chose which dog was sent for the retrieve whilst the other dog sat and watched. Did that about twice, then threw the retrieve, sent Ted, stopped him halfway and then my mate sent his dog and picked in front of him. 

Had another little rest and then after a good break went back in the pen, kept the long line on but threw a ball out and sent him to pick it whilst the chickens were around... Ted ignored the birds and picked the ball when told... did this a few times ... one time he ran and picked the ball then tried to run towards a bird but that’s why I had the long line on, I told him off with a smack and told him to leave it... then threw a ball and let him pick it up, he did and he was still fine afterwards so wasn’t shut down from being told off or anything. 

Total only did about 2 lots of 10+ mins in the pen around the birds and mostly all very good. Also walked around the horses which he completely ignored which was good and a bit of work with another dog. 

Just going to keep on going up there and doing similar around the birds until he’s bored to death of even looking at them. 

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1 hour ago, London Best said:

One comment, meant to be constructive.

Don’t overdo the stopping him halfway to a retrieve or you may make him a ‘sticky’ retriever.

Hope this is helpful.

Cheers mate 👍🏻 Yes only did that once but let him go straight out and back with 3-4 others 👍🏻

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Been doing group training most Saturdays now with two other lads who hope to or have run in trials, as well as a bit with a mate hunting dogs side by side, picking in front of each other etc... Ted's hunting yesterday was the best it's been ny a long shot. Being hunted on scented ground, he was jumping into and going through stick piles etc over and over he was real good to be fair, very happy with him.


Bit of shooting over him this early season and I have a list of clubs to enter to get him into a novice trial. 

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We did some training this Sunday. 


Ted hunted through some cover very well, he flushed a rabbit right in front of him and sat to the flush watched it run off. He then flushed 3 more and sat and watched all 3 off. 

We only did a quick session as I had to get back for the pup. But he had done so well we didn't want to do loads anyway. Stopped on a high. 



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Part 34 (I think)... 


Been a busy start to the season and lots of new changes. 

I took a new job working nights and evenings. I do long shifts overnight but on the upside I get a lot of time off during the week and during daylight hours. 

We started this season as new members of the Gloucestershire Wildfowling and continuing our training for trials. We have been out 3 times so far but sadly no ducks or geese over us just yet. We will continue to try until we get one. Ted has however done some great retrieves now on dummies from moving water on the Severn against a good flow and the added experience is helping with his fitness :) 


I have now joined several Gundog clubs and am hoping to get a run in a novice trial this season (Covid depending). 

Recently I have been really pushing to get Ted fit so he can complete 2 intensive runs if we get a trial run. I have been taking him out running alongside the bike for a few miles a few days a week... we have seen a significant improvement in fitness from this. 


Big achievements recently, I yesterday took Ted out on a walked up partridge training day. Myself and the trainer were running in a cover crop that was massive. 

Ted worked his way up the field quartering from side to side staying within range and turning on every whistle turn I gave. 

Solid contact flush after flush. Every time sitting to the flush, watching the bird shot and picked by the other dog without moving. 

One hard flush, sit to flush, remains sat to shot, remains sat to fall... told to get back, goes straight out and picks it, and delivers it back right into the palm of my hand. 

We get to the end of the field and we start working back down the other side, going hard at speed. By this point the dog we are training with and running against is knackered and instead walks alongside his handler. Ted in the other hand is still going, pushing through the cover as he goes. More flushes and shots, again remaining steady to flush, shot and fall. 

We ended the day after several good runs. 




Today I took Ted out on some permission. We hunt along side some woodland and he flushed a pheasant from the border back into the wood. The pheasant flys into the wood and flushed a pigeon out into the open past me... I lift the 20 bore and miss with the first shot, but somehow manage to spin around and drop it high in the air with the second barrel (we control the pigeons on this farm and they have crop on it which needs protecting). 

Ted didn’t see the pigeon fall as he thought I was firing at the pheasant... the bird dropped a good 50-60 yards out into the open... and just as it dropped the farmer was driving past and pulled over to watch, he clearly saw the Bird hit and dropped and was watching Ted on the retrieve... no pressure. 

I sent Ted out into the open and he took a good line considering this was a good 50-60 yard blind. He pushed into the direction I told him, stopped on the whistle when told and moved in the directions I pointed. I handled him into the area, have him the hunt command and he scented the bird and delivered it back to me, pushing it into my hand on arrival... I looked over to see the farmer giving Ted a big cheer :) (I think I deserved one for pulling off the shot personally). 

We had a walk about the rest of the woodland and Ted flushed another pheasant back into the wood. I let it sail by and fired a shot in the opposite direction. Ted remained sat and didn’t move. 

We then doubled back and started making our way home. Coming back we had several more pigeons came past us but out of range. Despite this each time one got up and went past I fired a shot and Ted remained steady to everyone, sitting to the “flush”, and the shot without moving. We did 3 in a row on the way back and then I used the pigeon he had picked earlier to give him a retrieve as he had been so good. 

We made our way back to the car and stopped off at the pub on the way home for a nice pint of Thatchers before coming home to a good feed :) 


. I think it’s fair to say we are having a pretty good week! 

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12 minutes ago, B725 said:

Only if you let it😁 don't forget Ted is still a young dog but one you will be proud of. 


We should have a good season working now and he will then be 3 next summer :) Will start to bring the pup on next summer then :) plenty of time yet. 

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Part 35: 


I ran Ted on a training day today against some well known field trial competitors and even against some top judges. Running in cover crops on partridge. 


It was fairly warm but with a good breeze. After a few competitors went first quite a few of them were having difficulty handling onto the retrieves and a couple having some issues with dogs running in... by this point I was on edge as if they were having issues then I was screwed... 😮 


After a few runs in I went for my first run. I clicked Ted off and he charged off head down into cover. I only ran him in cover crop twice before this and he was bunny hopping away... well not today. Immediately I heard one of the guns comment that he was really going.



Within a short space the dog on our right got a flush, Ted sat to whistle and sat watching the shots going off and birds drop. He never moved an inch whilst the other dog was out picking and being handled onto the retrieve. 

As the other dog was coming back a bird got up and flew over the top of us. It was hit high in the air, and dropped about 20 yards behind us. I was then asked to send Ted. I sent him from where he was, and he went immediately back to the area, I stopped him on the whistle as we were in an ocean of crops, and he stopped within 2ft of the bird. I gave him the hunt command and he picked it almost straight away and delivered it back to hand perfectly. It was a hot day and others had been struggling to find the birds in the cover crop so immediately I heard praise for Ted from the gallery that he had picked the bird so well. We hunted on another 30ish yards before I called him in before he went wrong, stuck the lead on and swapped over with another competitior. 



After a while going through all the dogs again, and seeing some very hunt hunting cockers in action we were up again. This time we had a long hunt but no hard flush again. The dog on our right swapped out and the dog coming in fresh almost immediately had a good flush. Ted stopped and sat watching them trying to pick but unfortunately they had a lot of difficulty. The did not find the bird and after covering the area again with the handler up close it was thought the bird must have run on and I was not asked to try Ted on the retrieve. We were asked to hunt on. He must have only hunted on 10-15 yards when Ted picked up on scent again, was showing a lot of action and excitement, then stuck his head into a small dip in the ground and popped back up with the missing bird, which he then delivered back to my hand again. A big cheer from the land owner taking the P out of our running mate that young Ted had just wiped the eye of their old dog :lol: ... I am sure that will make us popular with the others 😶.

I did not get a hard flush on this strip but worked down a cover strip alongside some maize... I did worry that Ted would hit the maize and be gone like a motorway but he never did... he worked up, turning on the whilst time after time as told. We got to the end of the strip and saw several birds run out of the maize running forward in the crop, I saw Ted clock them as he was running towards them and I thought "Oh jesus!! He's gone" but by what could only be the power of God himself he stopped without any telling, sat himself just as the birds lifted and looked back at me, like he had never chased a bird before in his life!! The birds flew off low down the cover crop and the guns hadn't seen them. I called Ted back into me and praised him, and stuck the lead on to give him another rest. 



We worked out way through the competitors again and we were up once more. We were working the end of a cover strip and as we approached the end the dog on our side got another flush, followed by Ted getting a flush out front. A bird was dropped on the side, followed by 2 being dropped out in front of us, right on the edge of the maize ... a dangerous retrieve. The other dog picked his first, and I was asked to send Ted for one of the bird that was dropped in front of us. I told him to get back and out he went to the fall, hunting the ground, dipping in and out of the maize. The cover was fairly tall here so I knew there was no handling, as if he sat up on the whistle he'd never be able to see me. I stood there praying all would be ok ... followed shortly after by Ted erupting from the maize with the dead bird in his mouth, which was retrieved back to hand perfectly once more. What a relief. We sat then whilst the other dog picked the third bird that was down and Ted sat perfectly and watched the other dog work and pick the bird.


We were then asked to hunt on and bring round a corner, and work through a strip of maize. I hunted Ted around through the cover and then through the maize, this time hunting into part of the maize and back out. Once again worried he would hit scent and be gone, but he didn't, each time he turned on my whistle. We came round the corner into a type of gateway with a fence across and a bird once more got up... Ted sat to flush and the bird was dropped about 20 yards ahead. I was instructed to send Ted and out he went, jumped the fence with ease and over shot the bird. Stopped him and told him to hunt towards me, and he found it straight away, picked it, jumped the fence and delivered it back to hand. The land owner told me "put the bloody lead on quick!". 




I was expecting that to be out lot but we ended up with one last run in the cover to finish off. I hunted Ted down the cover crop, although towards the end up this run he was lagging a bit and I could tell he was knackered by this point. Despite this he managed another flush, and a bird was dropped into cover drop about 15-20 yards out in front. I sent Ted and he was hunting for it, he held the area but didn't find it straight away, I asked the gun for a mark and just as he pointed to the area, Ted picked the bird without any help, and the gun remarked "I don't think you need it anymore :)." 

One final time Ted delivered the bird back to hand, and I stuck the lead on and said that's enough for you boy. 




What a day, I would not have been happier with how he went! As we were walking back one of the guns came over and told me how well he thought Ted had gone, which was very good considering he is quite an influtental trainer with his own DVD's and gundog centre 😮 ... so we must have done something right! 


Ted really did me proud today ... although they certainly do know how to bring you back down from cloud 9, as just before the drive back to the shoot room, Ted did a lovely big **** in the land owners dog box in the back of his truck 🙄 :lol: :lol: ... dirty *******!!!!! He must have known that he can't do any wrong tonight... as since coming home he has now cocked his leg against the tree outside, and pee'd all over the head of the pup who came over to have a sniff of what all the fuss was about! 


What a dog!! He certainly is unique if that's the word for him, the ******! But he still did me proud today. Based on today's performance I am quite confident to enter him in the upcoming novice trials this season. I have joined several clubs and will be sending off the forms now, and then hopefully fingers crossed I will be able to secure a run in one of the trials I am entering :) 



On another note, I also applied and have been accepted to shoot as a gun in a novice cocker trial in November, which I reckon will be a good experience and hopefully get to see some lovely cockers in action, whilst also getting a good bit of shooting in as a bonus. I will have to try and get in some practice beforehand, as I will be worried about letting the poor dogs down!! No pressure then. 


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20 minutes ago, WalkedUp said:

That’s a great write up, well done Ted. 

Thank you :) 

16 minutes ago, B725 said:

What a great day you and Ted have had, all the hard work has finally paid off I don't think you could have asked any more from the dog well done👍👍👍👍👍


I only wished it had been an actual trial :D I imagine in an actual trial now he will run in :lol: 

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Out on walked up partridge this afternoon. 

Firstly I was shooting over someone else’s springer, it was a real cracking dog... as I am shooting in a novice cocker trial in November I thought I better get some practice. 

Walked up the field I missed the first bird, to great amusement of my mate 🤣... up gets another bird which I missed with the first barrel, but drop hard with the second barrel (thank god) which is picked by the dog. 

We work up the field and a bird gets up on the side out of some maize and I dropped it hard out in front... sadly not picked though. We then get back to the truck and get Ted out. 



Ted has several good runs through cover and has several flushes... flush and sit time after time... few shots fired by someone else but nothing was dropped... which was probably good training, as he had to flush, sit and watch the bird away, shots fired and then get hunted on whilst ignoring the birds ahead. 

Right at the end Ted got a good flush and was sent, he is a fantastic marker, and got straight to the fall zone when sent. He held the area really well but sadly the bird must have run on again. A Labrador was sent and tried all around the area but also could not find the bird. Ted had a good long run around different areas and was knackered by the end, so put him away. 

To finish off I was asked to shoot a few over a clients cocker that was in for residential training. A lovely little small black cocker, we hunted up the cover crop and I missed a bird that was too close... it flushed to the side and behind and in spinning around I didn’t mount properly and missed an easy shot 🤣, to once again be hurled with abuse 🤣

Thankfully I managed to redeem myself by following it up with me dropping 2 longish birds, one a good 40 yards that lifted and came over the top of the cover crop going away, and then another that lifted and I dropped high in the air into the maize. The little cocker picked both birds so that was enough for today :) 



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