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Cor this new forum makes it super easy to add photo's :) 







1 hour ago, B725 said:

Well done and yes I would waz myself if you fell over, didn't realise your only 3 foot six high and needed to stand on a mole hill to see 🤣

When you win your first trial and it won't be long I will buy you some silver polish for the cup. 

You set yourself some fairly high targets for Ted and stuck with it now everything is coming to fruition well done both of you 👍👍👍👍


I'll take a little fold up step in my bag next time ;) 

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I don’t even know what “part” we are on now ... I’ll just call this - The Walking Wounded. 

We headed out on some rough shooting ground we have as a club yesterday, I arranged to meet 2 lads there early to have a walk around with Ted... it’s the same spot we got that cracking picture against the fence with Ted and all the birds. 

Rough shooting is a lot easier with another gun on either side of you. We started off with Ted flushing a pheasant that I missed spectacularly... it went away and twirled around the outside of the woods, only to be dropped by the gun on my left into a big open field. Ted was brought over and I sent him to the general area, he made short work of the search and picked the bird with ease, delivering it back to hand. 

We hunted on going along hedgerows and piles, Ted working well, flushing bird after bird, sitting to flush over and over, remaining steady to shot and retrieving and delivering back to hand on command. 

He was still running along the outside of some hedges or areas of cover where I would rather he went through it just incase... however when he thought it was worth a look he would charge through thick cover at speed, flushing the birds inside which then presented to the gun... the ones he didn’t go in we pushed at but nothing came out 🤔... too smart for his own good perhaps... 

Ted was even asked to come over and have a go on a runner that had gone off into cover and would have been lost otherwise... I sent him off and could heard him charging around inside the cover, only for him to return with a very much alive cock pheasant which put a wing over his eyes so he couldn’t see ... a blast on the whilst and he found his way back to me and delivered the bird to hand lovely :D 



Everything was going so well until Ted was charging through a bit of woodland and let out a huge yelp, I saw a fence post wobble and thought oh Jesus he must have hit an old fence / bit of wire. I called him over and could see that he had a nasty gash in his front leg, he seemed fine in himself and wanted to keep going mind. 

I wasn’t sure if it would be a glue job or a stitch job but decided to get him to the vets for a stitch as it will probably heal faster and better and I wanted to make sure it was cleaned out... the vet gave Ted a once over and he had a lot of scratches on him where he had been working hard for me. We didn’t see any other gashes etc at the time so in he went to have the front area shaved, washed out and 3 stitches.

I was stood there in full hunting gear with a shotgun in the boot when the vet came out to look Ted over in the car... he said “hmm you look like you can take these stitches out yourself” and was laughing, which was handy as it made the bill a lot cheaper! He said it was nice to see a proper hunting dog coming in as it’s all cockerpoo’s these days. 

Ted had 3 stitches and off home we went with the cone of shame... a bit later I was checking him over again and near one of the scratches I saw what looked like a bit of twig, but when I pulled it out found it to be a bit of barb wire 😬 which was lodged by his sheath!! Ouch! It was easily missed mind so I just got it out and cleaned the area with antiseptic. 

Ted has a course of anti-inflammatory, anti-biotics and is prescribed 10-14 days of rest before I take the stitches out and back to work, so looks like the season will be a late start for us. 

He spent the night sleeping on top of me on the bed 🤣 as he wanted a cuddle! 

He also hated the cone and would freeze up afraid to move cos it kept bumping stuff, so Amy has upgraded him to a donut, which he enjoys having as he uses it as a pillow 🤣🤣







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It always amazes me the pain threshold of dogs, Ted looks a little sorry for himself but sure he will soon make a full recovery.

I've been beating today but didn't take little Stan I felt lost without the little fella.

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Dogs really do hate those cones, don’t they?

I was out yesterday and my lab bitch charged through some brash and came to a yelping halt. She had skinned a pad on something, and is limping a little and feeling sorry for herself. It looks nothing, but I know how sore a skinned pad can be for a dog. 

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He was more bothered by that cone than he was by the injury by far. 

he has worked out if he gets bored of the donut he can stick his front legs into it and pull his head out... he gets vividly told off by Amy when he has done this twice now, and rolls his eyes as she puts it back on 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Took the stitches out on Monday after 11 days, our friend who’s a Doctor was around so I got him to take the stitches out and he said it has healed nicely. 

I took Ted out for a quick spin down the shoot where he had a nice flush on a pheasant but it was behind Trees and didn’t present a shot. 

I gave him about a 30 minute hard run and left it at that as didn’t want the leg getting all wet (softening the skin) and then potentially opening back up. 

He really needed that run out though as he was getting very needy sat in the house. 

We also had a good hunt out yesterday where he was going nice but no flush... had been some birds about mind as plenty of scent and he was flying quite well. 

Hopefully get a flush and shot soon. I have booked some walked up partridge for next week anyway and put in for a run at a trial on the 28th... draw should be tonight.

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On 14/10/2020 at 22:08, Walker570 said:

Pleased to hear the lads on the mend.:good:

Thank you :) seems to be fully fit now. 


Bad news on the trial front ... we had a run one minute, and now Wales is going into lockdown the one I got a run in has been cancelled! 

Not sure there will be any trials this season, think they will all be cancelled.


Several of the Championships cancelled. I think the Springer championship will be cancelled next week. 

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