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Interesting thread this...

Last week I had a chance to try out one these ATA's it was a black actioned model with an adjustable stock, 30" tubes I think. Have been looking for a cheap gun for knockabout purposes and the clay ground had a couple in so gave it a whirl.  For the money (695 ticket price) I was pretty impressed it seemed to handle nicely, went bang when it was supposed to and broke clays just fine.  I didnt buy it as I have my eyes on some other options at the moment (older Winchester etc) but for the money it seemed pretty darn good.  My son has shot a Webley and Scott 920 for a year of so which is also a Turkish made gun, hundreds of rounds through it and not a single issue so where its made doesn't put me off.  As for reliability well I have had plenty of problems with my Beretta 692 since I bought it, so I dont consider the odd report of issue (and I dont believe their have been many with the ATA's) would put me off.

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Went through all this last year when buying my 14 year olds first gun.  Should we get a used gun or new?? everyone we spoke to had their own opinion and thats all it is their own opinion plus a bit of gun snobbery.  In fairness 70% of people favoured buying new to give him peace of mind rather than worrying about what a used guns history was?

In the end he bought a new 30" ATA, great gun shoots well and doesn't have to worry about anything going wrong as its under warranty.  Nothing against buying 2nd hand I have two 2nd hand 12G and they have been trouble free, just wanted to minimise any hassle as it's his first gun

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