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Trouble with the Wind

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    We knew it would be windy as we set out but we had no idea of which direction to take as we had no intel to say where the pigeons were. So we decided to drive down the motorway to the extreme of our permissions and hopefully pick up on a good flightline in the very gusty wind. During our drive down the motorway we passed a few rape fields that are not ours but they had no birds feeding or sitting in trees. As we continued we saw a good flightline going to a field of rape that we do shoot so left  the motorway a headed back to the field. We watched it for ten minutes and the birds were flying over it but not feeding or staying but continuing to another farm. So we moved on and found the field they were feeding on with approx two hundred down and one hundred sitting in the tree around the field. Gave the farmer a call and went to set up. Used twelve fresh birds from last week and two on the magnet and ten on spikes, all ready to go at 10.30. The first hour was manic with the birds approaching the decoys below hedge height and just appearing in the pattern. In the first hour we had fifty birds down, it then eased off to be ridiculously slow. Between 12.00 and 14.00 we had no birds at all and we were thinking of packing off an moving to another farm. We analysed the first hour and it was down to two local shoots we believe Squirrel bashing in the woods keeping the birds on the move. They then started to roost shoot the same woods and this brought us a new supply of birds. We finished shooting at 16.30 and picked up one hundred and twentyfour birds for the picture the dog found another after so the total for the day was 125. 



    124 Pigeons, the dog found another after the picture was taken.

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    Great report PC! And another exceptional bag on rape, I’d hoped for a better bag in that wind yesterday, great for masking the shot noise but after a frantic start it also dried up for us at 11 and never resumed.

     I’ve found that granola gives me trouble with wind!

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    Top marks PC. 

    We had a look first thing in the morning, tried a couple of promising fields but the birds did not want to play ball. However the half dozen we did shoot were like rockets on that wind.

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