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As you shoot more guns you will find you like a gun more than others. That's the one to buy for your first gun. No good buying a gun you don't like just because it may retain more value if your not enjoying it.

Be good if it is one of the popular makes. 

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17 hours ago, Dave at kelton said:

The best thing you can do is go to a good coach who understands gunfit etc and spend the money on some lessons. He will guide you on guns etc and it is money well spent.


Try shutting your left eye, worked for my wife when she was having problem hitting fast crossers (now she's better than me at them!)

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One of the most common problems that I have encountered with newcomers to shooting, is simply a matter of foot placement. IF you are facing too far to your right, you will run out of swing and drop your shoulder, which will cause the barrels to cant and the shot to go under the target. Find an English skeet layout where you can shoot solo. Get someone to button for you, then start at station 6 and just shoot low house birds. Try to shoot them over, or just beyond the centre of the layout. Set your feet at about 2 o'clock or five past 2 to WHERE YOU INTEND TO SHOOT, then twist back from the waist, to your right,  before calling for the target. Keep shooting the same target until you can hit them and then move to your left, to the next stand and repeat the process. It should not be too long before you have reached stand 4 and be breaking everything. IF you are not, get a lesson and check your gunfit. As you can appreciate, it is VERY difficult to advise on here, without seeing you shoot and 1 lesson at least, can often save you money from missed targets  !

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15 hours ago, Westley said:

Wasn't he in 'Last of the summer wine'   ?

 Very different people 😂 

43 minutes ago, Jega said:

+1 , money well invested,bloody good ground and nice people as well.

@Jega is that the ground in your avatar mate? 😮

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