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Vehicle fault code reader

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Hi, I noticed on the Euro Car Parts website that vehicle fault code readers have come down a lot in price.

Is there anything I should look for when buying one?

It's for home use,  I've got a few older vehicles but have the reader socket on them.


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1 hour ago, Dave-G said:

I leave one of these permanently plugged in and read the fault codes on my Android if needed. Using the Torque app there are a lot of other tricks up its sleeve too. 


Beware - you'd need a different on for I phones. 



+1 for Torque, a lot more powerful and versatile than a stand alone reader.

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Ive a ebay £10 job. Brought up the codes and wiped the warning lights and old fault codes out of the cars system. Only thing that was a pain is actually googling the codes, many sites/forums offered different explanations. Got there in the end tho, and its sat in the draw ready for when i need it. 

Good bit of kit

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