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Spring/Pigeons and Cloaca

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With these spring/summer like temperatures I think the pigeons cloaca is starting to swell early, they have been doing their loop the loop flight, billing and cooing and their favourite summer time dare of flying low across a busy road.

Mind you it might not be a bad thing, I’ve had some good days when the large flocks start to spread out looking for mates and they come to the field in smaller groups.

I know…winters not over yet and we could still get another beast or mini beast but these birds know spring is just around the corner.

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Everywhere the first signs of Spring is all around us , yesterday we went and sat along the river at Wroxham and if you had just woke up from a long sleep you would have thought it was early Summer , the temp got up to 15 degrees and there wasn't a breath of breeze.

Mallard were already pairing up and the pigeons in my garden are more interested in each other than they are with the food we put out , the rape fields that have had a dressing are already turning a fresh Green and with March here by the end of the week I believe the worst of the Winter is now beyond us , well I hope so but you never know in this country .

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